Test this excellent way to practice your spoken German/English!

If you are unable to take part in regular lessons for private or professional reasons, I also offer you to learn online. This means I conduct a training session in my virtual classroom at Spreed. This doesn't require any software download as the virtual classroom is directly in the Cloud! Here I can help you prepare for exams or assist with correction of papers or thesis papers as well as provide practice for your speaking and listening skills.

For further information about Spreed: SPREED

mausWhereas regular classroom lessons last a minimum of 90 minutes, online session are variable and can therefore be effortlessly integrated in your daily schedule. Another advantage is that your location is of no importance and you can have the sessions from anywhere you like. You can arrange the lesson content with me in advance and determine what you would like to practice. Test this excellent way to improve your language skills! Contact me for a free trial session: